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Ashville Area Heritage Society
34 Long Street

Ashville, Ohio 43103

Phone: 740-983-9864

Email:  [email protected]

Regular Hours:
Tues - Fri - 10:00 to 2:00

Due to Covid-19 concerns wearing a mask is appreciated for visitation.

Take some time to watch our Welcome Video that will give you an idea of the treat that is in store for you at Ashville Area Heritage Society’s - Ohio Small Town Museum

17 Star Flage

Traffic Light

This link will lead folks to information
on then Ashville resident Teddy Boor’s invention.  Ashville’s traffic light that hung over the intersection of Main St. and Long St. well into the 80’s

 Amazing Ashville

Click to visit AmazingAshville.com dedicated to a book written by one of the museum’s curators, Bob Hines.  Titled “Amazing Ashville”, Bob has chosen some unique items and personalities and tells of their amazing stories in a way that tickles the imagination.

Our MuralMorbi eros

Clicking on this link will take folks to information about Ashville Area Society’s mural that passersby see as they drive by the museum along Long Street.  


Click for information on this wonderful historic item that became Ohio’s State Bicentennial Centerpiece.  Ohio celebrated its bicentennial with this historic flag found in Ashville.

Click to visit the AmazingAshville website

Bob Hines’ Newest Book - Amazing Ashville

Bob Hines, one of the original curators of the Ashville Area Heritage Society, has beautifully chosen and written about some of the myriad of items housed in the building that folks in Ashville, Ohio, the surrounding areas, and many who have visited the building from afar, call Ohio's Small Town Museum.

He has artfully captured the flavor of the distant and not-so-distant past of Ashville and surrounding areas and presents their history in an amazing fashion flavored with his unique sense of humor that tickles the imagination.

It was a pleasure to read his written work and see his wonderful illustrations throughout the pages.  It will be good to see his book added to the section of the museum dedicated to the Ashville Area authors.

Thank you Bob for a wonderful walk back in time and for all the work you, Charlie Morrison, and others have done to keep the past alive.  
… Lifetime Member - Michael W Moore

On Saturday, October 2nd, from 3 until 5 the people of the Ashville area will be celebrating Charlie Morrison, affectionately known as "Mr. Ashville" at the Hedges Seed Farm event center.

Proclamations will be given at 3:30 and at 4:30 with finger foods before 4:30 and cake after.  I know there are many wonderful things people could say about Charlie, but I am going to tell you one that you probably don't know.

When Charlie and I started working together to renovate the Scioto Valley Train Station, he showed me a rather full box of I.O.U.s that people from the area owed him from his grocery store--hundreds of them.  Back before food stamps, people short on cash would by food on credit, with a promise of paying it back.  Few ever did, even when they were blessed with better times.

He could have called people out, but he never did. He just wrote off thousands of dollars and hoped that someday it would come back to him.

This is a chance for all of us to thank him for his big heartedness.

Be there! No excuses!